The closing of the 24th Chengdu International Music Season

发布日期: 2018-11-12     来源:People's Network-Sichuan Channel

People's Network, Chengdu, 11 November (Wang Bo) "The Golden Furong Music Award Ceremony and the 24th Chengdu International Music Season in the Autumn of Rongcheng closed in Shuangliu recently, sponsored by Chengdu Cultural Radio and Television Press Bureau and Chengdu Music, Film and Television Industry Promotion Office, the 24th Chengdu International Music Award Ceremony in the Autumn of Rongcheng City" Season draws a happy ending.

The Chengdu International Music Season of "Rongcheng Autumn" opened and ended on September 22. In 48 days, more than 200 music theme performances and outdoor music activities were presented to Chengdu citizens to create a concert and popular festival with the participation of the whole people.

At the closing ceremony of the evening, many contestants who won the prize in the "Golden Furong" Music Competition came on stage. Chengdu Municipal Government established the "Chengdu Music Capital Construction Expert Advisory Committee" to issue special certificates to 12 domestic music experts on the spot, and jointly contribute to the construction of the "International Music Capital". In the closing performance, Zheng Xulan, Zuhai, Ao Changsheng, Wang Zhengliang, Dai Han Anne, Liu Lu and Tang Zhuya joined forces with Chengdu Orchestra, Tianzi National Music and Chengdu Street Artists to present moving music for Chengdu people.

The performance of the closing ceremony started with the symphony "Chengdu" brought by the Chengdu Orchestra. The symphony was used to show the historical attractions and characters with Chengdu characteristics in order to display Chengdu culture, highlight Chengdu characteristics and flaunt Chengdu charm. In the "Golden Hibiscus" Music Award ceremony, awards are given to the winners of four categories: chorus award, independent music pioneer award, vocal bel canto group and vocal music ethnic group.

The closing party, with three chapters and three dimensions, integrates the past and the present, looks forward to the future, tells the story of Chengdu, demonstrates the origin and cultural self-confidence of Chengdu in building a world famous historical and cultural city with "Millennium Context", commemorates the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up with "Happy Blooming", and demonstrates Chengdu's livable demeanor and music with "Great Beautiful Chengdu". Chengdu's diversity and inclusiveness are illustrated in the form of singing, dancing, playing and speaking. Representatives of the "Golden Lotus" Music Award winners are invited to perform with guests such as Zuhai, Zheng Xulan, Wang Zhengliang, Dai Hannie and Ao Changsheng to show the charm of the music capital in a way with city characteristics. Forty years of reform and opening up have played a role in world famous cultural cities.

The second "Golden Furong" Music Competition was successfully held again. In order to create an influential music competition in China, the Golden Furong Music Competition aims to explore music talents and encourage music creation, highlighting the "Autumn of Rongcheng" as a city music business card. And through layer by layer selection, a series of award winners were born, and a large number of new talents were sent to Chinese music.

In order to build the professionalism and authority of the "Golden Lotus" music competition, more than 20 authoritative experts in the field of music at home and abroad were invited to serve as judges. Marina Mikhailovna Labina, an opera singer from Russia, tells us about the Golden Lotus in her heart. "It's a great pleasure to be here with artists, singers and musicians from all over the world. Chengdu is a deep, charming and vibrant city. In a few days in Chengdu, together with judges from all over the world, I heard amazing and beautiful songs in concert halls, met the most simple and pure singing in the street, and will watch the most characteristic music feast in Chengdu today. Music ignited every corner of the city, lighting up the'autumn of Chengdu'.

"Authoritative certification of academic awards for vocal music nationalities and vocal bel canto awards is as solemn as pine and cypress; the interactive heat of chorus awards is like ginkgo trees all over the streets; the new independent music awards are a collection of the original innovative forces of contemporary China as tough as cactus; the four major awards are multi-dimensional voices and work of new people is jointly excavated, Cultivate an artistic atmosphere and enrich the soil of music." Marina said excitedly that all these are the organic combination of the "Golden Furong" Music Award and the city's unique inclusive and innovative spirit. In the foreseeable future, the flower of music will take Chengdu as the starting point, face the world and blossom brilliantly. "In my native Russia, there is an outstanding portrait painter, Serov, who said,'The real range of musical language activities is as limitless as that of other arts'. Wherever there is human footprint, there is music. Today I would like to dedicate this sentence to Chengdu, because it seems to be a true portrayal of the city.

According to reports, famous singer and vocal educator Jin Tielin, famous composer Zhao Jiping, president of Chinese Musicians Association Ye Xiaogang, president of the Central Conservatory of Music Yu Feng, president of the Chinese Academy of Popular Music, Fu Lin, president of the Chinese Musicians Association, Yuhai, president of the Chinese Musicians Association, Yu Junjian, president of the ASEAN Academy of Art, China Wang Jingjing, Vice President of Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, Wang Zhengzheng, Former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the National Grand Theatre, Liao Changyong, Vice President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Lingor, President of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Xu Xiaofeng, founder of Independent Music Commune and other experts from domestic music circles, were invited by Chengdu to become the "Music Capital Construction of Chengdu City". Member of the Advisory Committee of Experts. They will contribute to the construction of the "International Music Capital".