"Autumn of Chengdu" Chengdu International Music Season closing 12 music cafes were hired to Chengdu as "staff"

发布日期: 2018-11-11     来源:蓉城政事

Music always catches the pulse of the times best.

This golden autumn

The 24th "Autumn of Rongcheng" Chengdu International Music Season

Held in Chengdu

Singing the spirit of the new era of the city

From 22 September to 9 November

The music feast lasted 48 days

To the citizens of Chengdu

More than 200 music theme performances and outdoor music activities

Create a universal participation and blossom

Music festivals

Last night, at the two-fluid Gymnasium

"Golden Lotus" Music Award Presentation Ceremony and 24th Anniversary

The Closing Performance of Chengdu International Music Season

Grand performance


There's a special part of the party.

Chengdu City was officially established

"Chengdu Music Capital Construction Expert Advisory Committee"

The committee is composed of renowned singer Jin Tielin, etc.

12 top music experts in China

They will speed up the construction of world famous cultural city for Chengdu

Creating an International Music Capital

Suggestions and suggestions, contribution

Luo Qiang, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the party

Special Certificate of Experts was issued for the appointed experts.

▲Luo Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, issued certificates for specialists

Tian Rong, Standing Committee of Municipal Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, Mao Zhixiong, Vice-Chairman of the Leading Group of Cultural System Reform and Cultural Industry Development, and Zhou Xianyi, Secretary-General of Municipal Government attended the evening and presented awards to the winners of the "Golden Lotus" Music Competition.

Three chapters merge the past and the present

Telling the story of Chengdu with notes

The Dual Fluid Sports Center was shining last night. A Symphony "Chengdu" brought by Chengdu Orchestra opened the prelude of the performance.

The three chapters of "Millennium Context", "Happiness Blooming" and "Great America Chengdu" narrate the "Chengdu Story" through the ages and the present with notes. Zheng Xulan, Zuhai, Ao Changsheng, Wang Zhengliang and other well-known singers and musicians came on stage to sing.

Marina Mikhailovna Rabina, an opera singer from Russia, described the performance as "a musical feast". In her opinion, music runs through the city from ancient times to modern times, and grows and develops in this city in a pluralistic form. "Music ignites every corner of the city".


Creating an International Music Capital

Chengdu Hires Music Masters as "Staff"

Jin Tielin, Yu Jun Jian, Ye Xiaogang, Yu Feng... They also appeared on the stage of the party.

Music cafes go out of the mountain for nothing else. Chengdu formally established "Chengdu Music Capital Construction Expert Advisory Committee", and these experts were invited by Chengdu, will serve as "Chengdu Music Capital Construction Expert Advisory Committee", to contribute to Chengdu's construction of "International Music Capital".

There are 12 experts constituting the committee, namely:

Famous singer and vocal educator Jin Tielin

Famous composer Zhao Jiping

Ye Xiaogang, Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association

Yu Feng, President of the Central Conservatory of Music

Fu Lin, Chairman of the Popular Music Society of the Chinese Phonetic Association

Yu Hai, Chairman of China Musicians Association Wind Music Association

Yu Junjian, Dean of China-ASEAN Academy of Art

Wang Jingjing, Vice President of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association

Wang Zhengsheng, Former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the National Grand Theatre

Liao Changyong, Vice President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Lingor, Dean of Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Xu Xiaofeng, Founder of Independent Music Commune

▲Employed experts

"Thank Chengdu for granting me this honor. I hope I can contribute my strength to the music industry in Chengdu and help the development of the music industry in Chengdu." Yesterday, Zhao Jiping was unable to accept the certificate on the spot for work reasons. He expressed his feelings through VCR.

20 famous experts rated "golden Hibiscus"

"Gradually reap the domestic and international influence"

There was a heavy link at the party, which was the award of the golden Hibiscus music competition.

This is the second time the "golden Hibiscus" music competition was held. The competition is held again, in line with the goal of creating an influential music event in China, and hopes to excavate music talents, encourage music creation, and deliver new people for Chinese music.


Zheng Shengjun learned that the competition was divided into four categories: Chorus Award, Independent Music Award, Vocal Bel Canto Group and Vocal Music Ethnic Group. More than 20 authoritative experts in the field of music at home and abroad were invited to serve as judges.

Jin Tielin, a famous singer and vocal educator, was one of the judges of the competition; Movalun, one of the Three Tenors from Hong Kong, China and a famous opera performer, was the judges of the final competition; Marina Mikhailovna Labina, an opera singer from Russia, was the judges of the competition.

▲Marina Mihailovna Rabina

In Marina's view, if last year's Golden Lotus Music Award was a tree, then this year it has been upgraded to a music garden. "Four major awards are multi-dimensional voice, joint exploration of new works, cultivation of artistic atmosphere, and enrichment of music soil." Marina believes that the "Golden Lotus" Music Award is organically combined with the city's inclusive and innovative spirit. Although only held for two years, it can still be seen that the music competition created in Chengdu is gradually gaining domestic and international influence.

From National Music to Symphony Music

From Street Artists to Classic Concerts

In 48 days

The 24th "Autumn of Rongcheng" Chengdu International Music Season

What wonderful moments have brought to Chengdu citizens

Looking back with the Governor


Cactus Music Festival

From September 22 to 24, the "Cactus Music Festival" opened the "24th Chengdu International Music Season in the Autumn of Chengdu" in Longquanyi District. Cui Jian, Panther, Tang Dynasty, Zheng Jun, Xu Wei, Pushu, Li Quan... These Chinese-language musicians are singing the rock years in Chengdu.


"Dream of Red Mansions"Red Chamber Dream Full Edition Theme Concert

On the evening of September 26, the Theme Concert of Dream of Red Mansions - Dream of Red Mansions opened in ICON Yunduan Tianfu Concert Hall. Composer Wang Liping joined hands with famous lyric soprano Wu Bixia, national first-class conductor Zhang Lie, national first-class actor Tong Fan of China National Theatre, violin first-class performer Wang Dazhang and Chengdu Orchestra to reproduce the classical Chinese chapter of the Red Chamber.


Chengdu Street Artists Music Festival

On September 30, the first Chengdu Street Artists Music Festival was officially launched as part of the 24th Chengdu International Music Season of "Rongcheng Autumn". No tickets and no number of people. During the National Day, more than 140 groups of "licensed" street artists took part in the concert.


"Walking Chengdu-Walking Wind Music Exhibition"

From October 1 to 6, "Chengdu marching - marching wind music exhibition" appeared in Jinsha Site Museum, Laifushi Square, East Suburb Memory, Global Center, Happy Valley, Taurus Wanda, Shaocheng Shijing and other urban landmarks.


“Cannon-Canon in D”

Eternal Classic Music Concert

On the evening of October 2, in the Tronsu Concert Hall, in addition to performing the solo and Orchestra versions of Canon, the Philharmonic Light Orchestra also played Mozart's "Turkish March" and Brahms's "Hungarian Dance No. 5".

"Greetings from the Strauss family"

Vienna Children's Chorus Concert

On the evening of October 7, at the Tronsu Concert Hall, the Vienna Children's Vocal Choir, known as "Singing Angels", performed more than 20 tracks, including "Winter Singing", "The Story of Vienna Forest", "Alpine Green" and "Let's Swing Two Owls".

"Angel's Voice" Special Concert of German Bronze Orchestra

On the evening of November 2, the special concert of "Angel's Voice" German Bronze Orchestra was held in the Grand Concert Hall of Sichuan Conservatory of Music. A Prelude to Royal Fireworks Music by Handel opened the concert. Later, the musicians also played Handel's "Eternal Light of the Divine Source", Verdi's "Prelude to the Force of Destiny", Wagner's "Tristan and Isolde" and J. S. Bach's "Fugue in G Minor".

National Music Treasure: The Essence of Bashu

Sichuan intangible cultural heritage exhibition concert

On the evening of Nov. 3, in Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Sichuan Opera Folk Opera, Huili Yi Yizuo Dance, Sichuan Qingyin, Qiang Salang, Sichuan Bamboo Qin, Tibetan Reba Song and Dance, Dong Song and other items listed in the national and world-class intangible cultural heritage catalogue were performed to show the national cultural style and features of Southwest China.