The 24th "Autumn of Rongcheng" Chengdu International Music Season ended last night. This autumn, Chengdu citizens enjoy the music feast.

发布日期: 2018-11-10     来源:成都商报第24届“荣成秋”成都国际音乐季昨晚闭幕。今年秋天,成都市民享受着音乐盛宴。

Music always holds the pulse of the times best. This golden autumn, a music festival named "Chengdu International Music Season in the Autumn of Rongcheng" was held in Chengdu with great enthusiasm, singing the new atmosphere of the new era of the city and the spirit of the new era of the city. Last night, in the Dual-fluid Gymnasium, the "Golden Furong" Music Award Ceremony and the closing performance of the 24th Chengdu International Music Season in the Autumn of Rongcheng"was solemnly staged, which guided the Sichuan Cultural Hall and the leading group of Chengdu Music, Film and Television Industry Development. The Chengdu Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publishing Bureau and Chengdu Music, Film and Television Industry were promoted. The 24th Chengdu International Music Season in the Autumn of Chengdu City, sponsored by Chengdu Business Newspaper and Sichuan Conservatory of Music, ended satisfactorily. From the opening of September 22 to the closing of November 9, in 48 days, the "Autumn of Chengdu" presented more than 200 music theme performances and outdoor music activities for Chengdu citizens, creating a concert and popular festival with the participation of the whole people and blooming everywhere.

In the grand event last night, many of the winners in the "Golden Furong" Music Competition appeared brilliantly. The Chengdu Municipal Government established the "Chengdu Music Capital Construction Expert Advisory Committee", which awarded special certificates to 12 domestic music experts on the spot, and jointly contributed to the construction of the "International Music Capital". In the closing performance, Zheng Xulan, Zuhai, Ao Changsheng, Wang Zhengliang, Dai Han Anne, Liu Lu, Tang Zhuya joined forces with Chengdu Orchestra, Tianzi National Music and Chengdu Street Artists to present the first moving music for Chengdu people. Last night's performance ended with the vibrant music of "On the Field of Hope". Let's look forward to hearing the voice of the world again in the International Music Season of "Rongcheng Autumn" next year.

The 2nd "Golden Lotus" Music Competition was held successfully

Russian singers lament that music illuminates "the autumn of Chengdu"

Last night's performance began with the symphony Chengdu brought by the Chengdu Orchestra, which showcases the Chengdu culture, highlights the Chengdu characteristics and flaunts the charm of Chengdu by displaying the historical sites and characters with Chengdu characteristics in the form of symphonies. Then, the "Golden Furong" Music Award Ceremony was held to award the four categories of winners: Chorus Award, Independent Music Award, Vocal Bel Canto Group and Vocal Music Ethnic Group. Reporters learned that the second "Golden Lotus" Music Competition was successfully held again. In order to create an influential music competition in China, the Golden Lotus Music Competition aims to explore music talents and encourage music creation, highlighting the "autumn of Rongcheng" as a city music business card. And through layer by layer selection, a series of award winners were born, and a large number of new talents were sent to Chinese music.

In order to build the professionalism and authority of the "Golden Lotus" music competition, more than 20 authoritative experts in the field of music at home and abroad were invited to serve as judges. Marina Mikhailovna Labina, an opera singer from Russia, tells the story of "golden lotus" in her heart. "It's a great pleasure to be here with artists, singers and musicians from all over the world. Chengdu is a deep, charming and vibrant city. In a few days in Chengdu, together with judges from all over the world, I heard amazing beautiful songs in concert halls, met the most simple and pure singing in the street, and today I will watch the most characteristic music feast in Chengdu. Music ignited every corner of the city, lighting up the'autumn of Chengdu'.

Indeed, if last year's Golden Lotus Music Award was a tree, then this year it has been upgraded to a music park. "Academic award authority certification of vocal nationality and vocal bel canto is as solemn as pine and cypress; interactive heat singing of chorus award is like ginkgo trees all over the street; new independent music award gathers the perseverance and tenacity of Chinese contemporary original innovation force like cactus; four major awards are multi-dimensional voice, jointly excavate new works, and cultivate them." The atmosphere of education and art will enrich the soil of music. Marina excitedly told reporters that all these are the organic combination of the "Golden Furong" Music Award and the city's unique inclusive and innovative spirit. In the foreseeable future, the flower of music will take Chengdu as the starting point, face the world and blossom brilliantly. "In my native Russia, there is an outstanding portrait painter, Serov, who said,'The real range of musical language activities is as limitless as that of other arts'. Wherever there is human footprint, there is music. Today I would like to dedicate this sentence to Chengdu, because it seems to be a true portrayal of the city.


Building an International Music Capital in an All-round Way

Chengdu Issues Special Expert Certificate for Music Masters

Famous singer and vocal educator Jin Tielin, famous composer Zhao Jiping, Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association Ye Xiaogang, President of Central Conservatory of Music Yu Feng, Chairman of Chinese Academy of Music, Chairman of Chinese Academy of Music Popular Music, Fu Lin, Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association Wind Music Association, Yu Hai, President of ASEAN Academy of Art, Yu Junjian, Chinese Audio, Video and Number Wang Jingjing, Vice President of the Chinese Character Publishing Association, Wang Zhengzheng, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of the National Grand Theatre, Liao Changyong, Vice President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Lingor, President of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Xu Xiaofeng, founder of Independent Music Commune (ranked in no particular order), are among the top two experts in the domestic music circle. This time, they were all successful. Invited by the metropolitan government, Chengdu Municipal Music Capital Construction Expert Advisory Committee has jointly contributed to the construction of the "International Music Capital".

In the last night's "Special Expert" certificate issuance site, in addition to Zhao Jiping and Liao Changyong who failed to come to the site because of work relations, the remaining 10 experts have received the heavy certificate. We hope that with the strong support of the "Chengdu Music Capital Construction Expert Advisory Committee", the music industry in Chengdu will take a firm step towards new brilliance.

Although Zhao Jiping and Liao Changyong could not come to the scene, they also expressed their support for the construction of Chengdu's "Music Capital" through VCR. In previous interviews with reporters, Zhao Jiping said that he was honored to be a member of the Expert Advisory Committee on the Construction of the Music Capital of Chengdu. "Thank the Chengdu Municipal Government for granting me this honor. I hope to contribute my strength to the music industry of Chengdu and help the development of the music industry of Chengdu." As a leading figure in Chinese music circles, Zhao Jiping is very modest and hopes that he can make a little contribution to the construction of Chengdu's music culture. "Chengdu's cultural and music carriers are very rich, such as Chuanyin, which has a long history. It has trained many excellent music talents for the country and is also the highest music academy in the southwest of China." "Zhao Jiping has repeatedly stressed that Chengdu is a city with cultural connotations. Chengdu is endowed with unique advantages in the development of music culture. "If we tap its connotation and mobilize the masses of people to nourish music and music culture, we will like it better."

Three Chapters Show the Charm of Music Capital

Respect for 40 years of reform and opening up, playing a world famous cultural city

The next part of the closing party will use three chapters from three dimensions to merge the past and the present, look forward to the future and tell the story of Chengdu. It will show the origin and cultural confidence of Chengdu in building a world-famous cultural city by "Millennium Context". It will commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up with "Happy Blooming" and show the livability of Chengdu by "Great Beautiful Chengdu". The style and features of the construction of the city of style and music explain the diversity and inclusiveness of Chengdu in various forms, such as singing, dancing, playing and speaking. Representatives of the "Golden Furong" Music Award winners are invited to perform with guests such as Zuhai, Zheng Xulan, Wang Zhengliang, Dai Han'an'ni and Ao Changsheng to show the city of music in a way with urban characteristics. Charm, salute 40 years of reform and opening up, playing a world famous cultural city.

In the first chapter, "Millennium Context", Chengdu Orchestra, Tianzi National Music, Chengdu Teachers'Chorus and Wuhou Education and Art Troupe Teachers' Chorus Branch bring aesthetic and romantic audio-visual enjoyment to the audience. Guqin, 24 Geisha music, modern opera... By connecting different cultural elements through the carrier of music, audiences can travel through 3000 years of history and culture. Last night's "Jile 24" of "Jincheng Huaman" was selected from "Hezhuan" by Wei Zhuang, an important figure in Huajian Ci and former Prime Minister of Shu. It draws a picture of Jincheng Spring with bamboo flute, chi, sheng, pipa, Zhongruan and other musical instruments. It brings joy and melancholy of Spring Festival with singing and playing leaves. When the Tang Dynasty's court instruments merged with Chinese national music, the live music performance was extremely moving.

"Happiness Blooming" is the theme of Chapter II. The music repertoire selected by the audience is well-known and has the characteristics of the times. It is deduced in the form of symphony with live accompaniment of the electro-acoustic band. It pays tribute to the classics of the times and shows the happy years. Zheng Xulan, a famous soprano singer who once sang "Flying Bar Pigeon", "Mother Left Me a Song", "Gulangyu Wave", "Huadi", and other well-known songs, appeared at the closing performance of "Autumn of Chengcheng", and immediately caused a sensation. "Raise the whip, shake it gently, the song floats all over the mountain, all over the mountain..." Zheng Xulan's "Shepherd's Song", a melodious and clear song, shocked four audiences by conveying their emotions with a gentle and beautiful song, and led the audience back to the chivalrous era of tenderness and chivalry in Rongcheng. In addition, Zuhai's For Who, Ao Changsheng's "Singing Folk Songs to the Party" and Dai Hannie's "Homesickness" recall the original unforgettable time with the live audience. "Chengdu has so rich Tibetan, Qiang and Yi minority music, I hope to be able to re-arrange these traditional national songs, coupled with fashion elements, so that more young people can feel the local characteristics of Chengdu and Sichuan music. Just like my good friend Jike Junyi, she combines tradition and fashion very well, and the music is very dazzling. Zuhai himself also tried to cooperate with rap music. The song "Good Luck Comes" attracted millions of fans. "Since Chengdu wants to build an international music capital, it hopes to make bold attempts to attract the attention of the whole country and even the whole world."

"Chengdu is livable, and life in Chengdu is leisurely." This is the 24th "Autumn of Chengdu City" Chengdu International Music Season, hoping that all the people who come to Chengdu will feel Chengdu's aesthetics of life. With dance, singing, symphony and other different forms of performance, accompanied by different styles of artistic expression, Chengdu-style life aesthetics is presented from various angles, showing the city style of Chengdu and the inheritance and development of modern Tianfu culture. This is the charm of Chapter Three, "Damei Chengdu". When Wang Zhengliang sang "Where Time Is Going" on the stage in his hometown, when Bulgarian female singer Boyana used "Hero" to bring the atmosphere to a climax, when three groups of street artists enthusiastically performed "Street Music Show"... Chengdu's achievements in the field of music and culture in the past 40 years of reform and opening up and the inclusiveness and elegance of Tianfu culture have gradually shown to all.


Chengdu Business Daily - Red Star News Reporter Ren Hongwei

Photographer Wang Hongqiang

Full List of Golden Hibiscus Music Awards

Golden Hibiscus Award for New Individual Music

Mr. Will band

Shen Nam's band

Band of cheap bones

Tomato mayor band

The band missing

Wu You Nan

CatCube band

The Process band

Why So Serious band

ETA! ETA band

Golden Hibiscus Music Award Chorus Award

Gold Prize: Qingyang District Shudu Chorus, Chengdu Railway Bureau Locomotive Workers Chorus, Chengdu Normal University Qinyue Women's Chorus

Silver Award: Chongzhou Culture Museum Drawing Chorus, Chengdu Four Months Female Vocal Chorus, Chengdu Trade Union Chorus, Jinjiang District Culture Museum Chunxi Voice Female Chorus, Xindu Happy Weekend Chorus, Experimental Primary School Affiliated to University of Electronic Science and Technology Octave Accord Chorus

Bronze Awards: Guangqi Art Chorus in Wenjiang District, Fangcao Primary School Chorus in Chengdu High-tech Zone, Chenghua Culture Museum Language and Music Chorus, Wuhou Symphony Chorus in Wuhou Culture Museum, Longquanyi District Culture Museum Chorus, Xiaojiahe Community Chorus in Chengdu High-tech Zone, Chengdu Yuanhang Chorus and Huayi Hot Ma Chorus in Dujiangyan Culture Museum Chorus, Chengdu Qunyi Chorus

Golden Lotus Music Award bel canto

PILIPENKO VETA (Florence Conservatory of Music) Transliteration: Lillinko Wanta

DEMENKOVA INNA Transliteration: Demancova Ina

Gold Prize Hou Liwei, Yang Jun and Zhu Lu

Silver Prize Li Linlin Wang Huan Zhou Fei Chen Jian Tang Han Zhang Heting

Bronze Award Zhang Lingling, Zhu Lin, Zhao Chun Huangna, Liu Xiu Wang Shuai Dan, Liu Li, Fan Xiaoqi

The National Singing Method of the "Golden Lotus" Music Award

Gold Prize Li Youwang Jiming Ding Jinyuan

Silver Award Tian Oliyan Ma Qimeng Li Jinhua Zhang Xiwen Zheng Wenting

Bronze Award Li Yanfei Zhang Ying Yang Dongsheng Wang Ying Huang Liping Li Bufan Li Tingting Wu Dan Huang Jingjing