The 24th Annual "Autumn of Chengdu" concluded with over 200 musical performances for Chengdu people in 48 days.

发布日期: 2018-11-10     来源:Sichuan newspaper observation

Li Ting, an observer journalist for Sichuan Daily

On the evening of November 9, the closing performance of the 24th Chengdu International Music Season, Chengdu, was performed by Chengdu Orchestra in the Dual-fluid Sports Center of Chengdu. It also marks the end of a 48-day "Chengdu Autumn 2018" music performance dedicated to more than 200 performances for Chengdu citizens.

"The 24th Chengdu International Music Season in the Autumn of Chengdu City" is directed by Sichuan Culture and Tourism Department and Chengdu Music, Film and Television Industry Development Leading Group. It is sponsored by Chengdu Culture, Radio and Television Press and Publishing Bureau and Chengdu Music, Film and Television Industry Development Leading Group. From the opening of the "cactus music festival" on September 22 to the closing of November 9, during the 48 days, the "autumn of Rongcheng" presented more than 200 music theme performances and outdoor music activities for Chengdu citizens, creating a concert and popular festival with the participation of the whole people and blooming everywhere.

Symphony musicians, foreign singers and street artists are on the same stage

Three Chapters Salute the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up 

Representatives of street artists sang Chengdu, Tianzi National Music Women's Folk Orchestra used "Geisha 24" to travel through 3000 years of history, and singer Zuhai's "For You"...

The closing party, with three chapters and three dimensions, integrates the past and the present, looks forward to the future, tells the story of Chengdu, demonstrates the origin and cultural self-confidence of Chengdu in building a world famous historical and cultural city with "Millennium Context", commemorates the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up with "Happy Blooming", and demonstrates Chengdu's livable demeanor and music with "Great Beautiful Chengdu". The style and features of the capital construction, and invited Zheng Xulan, Wang Zhengliang, Dai Han Anne, Ao Changsheng and other guests to perform together, in a way with urban characteristics, to show the charm of the music capital, pay tribute to the reform and opening up 40 years, playing a world famous cultural city.

It is worth mentioning that after Zhao Lei's "Chengdu" was sung by representatives of the first batch of certified street artists in Chengdu, such as the "Little Fairy Group", Wang Zhengliang sang "Where Time Goes" on the stage in his hometown, and then Bulgarian female singer Boyana joined in "Hero" to climax the atmosphere on the spot. Chengdu's achievements in the field of music and culture in the past 40 years of reform and opening up and the inclusiveness and elegance of Tianfu culture have gradually shown to all.

Jin Tielin and Zhao Jiping "Music Cafe" in Chengdu

Establishment of "Building a Think Tank of Music Capital"


At the closing ceremony, many winners of the "Golden Furong" Music Competition performed. At the same time, the Chengdu Municipal Government announced the establishment of the "Chengdu Music Capital Construction Expert Advisory Committee" and issued special certificates to 12 domestic music experts to contribute to the construction of the "International Music Capital".

Famous singer and vocal educator Jin Tielin, famous composer Zhao Jiping, Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association Ye Xiaogang, President of Central Conservatory of Music Yu Feng, Chairman of Popular Music Society of Chinese Academy of Music, Fu Lin, Chairman of Pipe Music Association of Chinese Musicians Association, Yu Hai, Vice Chairman of Chinese Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, Wang Jingjing, Yuan Wang Zhengzheng, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of the National Grand Theatre, Liao Changyong, Vice President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Lingor, President of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Xu Xiaofeng, founder of the Independent Music Commune, and Yu Junjian, President of the ASEAN Academy of Art, were among them (ranked no later).

Although Zhao Jiping and Liao Changyong could not come to the scene, they also expressed their support for the construction of Chengdu Music Capital through VCR. "Chengdu's cultural and musical carriers are very rich, such as Sichuan Yin, which has a long history and has trained many excellent music talents for the country. If we dig into the cultural background of Chengdu and mobilize the enthusiasm of the people, it will be more popular." Zhao Jiping said that he was honored to participate in the "expert group".