Chengdu Workers'Art Star Rally Competition in Chengdu in the Autumn of Chengdu

发布日期: 2018-11-06     来源:Chengdu International Music Season in the Autumn of Chengdu

Jiangshui Zhuojin, silk tube into the clouds, this is the historical heritage; song and dance, clangorous voice, this is the expression of the times. In Chengdu, the kingdom of Tianfu, a grand art event also ushered in the "harvest moment". On the evening of November 3, Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions, Chengdu Committee of the Communist Youth League, Chengdu Women's Federation, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Chengdu Labor People's Cultural Palace and Chengdu Workers'Art Star Ratai Competition Award Presentation Evening were grandly held in Chengdu Overseas Chinese City Theatre.

Before the award ceremony, the top 60 contestants of the competition dressed up and walked hand in hand through the "red carpet of honor" to enter the award party; the audience of the iron fans of the Rao Tai Competition also turned to the Overseas Chinese City Theatre to celebrate the grand ceremony; during the Rao Tai Competition, they impressed the audience with "Space Walk", "Voice of Heart" and "Most of all". The American Builder and other award-winning programs, once again on the stage of the award-giving party, share with you the harvest and growth along the way.

At the award-giving party, the judges of the contest also went on stage to perform with the contestants. Rotating dance steps, melodious singing, Rongcheng workers on the stage to display their talent, although different professions, different ages, but their love and pursuit of art infected every audience on the scene. The party also unveiled the first, second and third prizes and the list of awards for excellence in the competition, and awarded the prizes. So far, the Chengdu Employee Art Star Raceway Competition in the fall of Chengdu officially came to an end, drawing a successful conclusion.

It is reported that Chengdu Employee Art Star Rao-Tai Competition in the fall of Chengdu is an important event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, an innovative measure to implement the deployment of the 4th Sichuan Employee Culture Year, and a concrete measure to promote Chengdu to build a world-famous cultural city. With the situation of co-construction, the form of co-governance and the mode of sharing, the competition has set up a big stage with dreams, stories and temperatures for the workers and masses of the city, presented a large-scale, powerful and influential cultural feast at the city level leading the whole country, and created a cultural feast full of the cultural characteristics of Tianfu and promoting the society. The cultural brand of workers with the core values of doctrine also enables every Chengdu worker with an artistic dream to move from his post to the stage, to show the industry style to the world, to interpret the beautiful dream, to interpret the wonderful life, to transmit positive energy, and to spread the artistic atmosphere throughout Rongcheng!

Online registration is booming: more than 5,000 competitors enrolled in the competition, 852 programs were extended and more than 5,000 competitors were added to the competition.

Since the opening of the online registration channel in early July, the art event has been widely responded by the workers and masses in Chengdu, and the registration situation is extremely hot. In order to enable more Chengdu workers and masses to step onto the stage, the competition is open to all kinds of programs and professions. As long as the main theme is promoted and positive energy is disseminated, the program can be enrolled. This news, the enthusiasm of Chengdu workers and masses will be thoroughly ignited.

According to the registration data of Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions, there are 852 programs and more than 5000 competitors in this competition. With the increase of enrollment, the number of matches has increased from 17 to 30, which provides a chance for every Chengdu worker who is willing to show himself on the stage. Many contestants said excitedly, "I've never been on such a professional stage before. I'm grateful that the City Federation of trade unions has provided this rare opportunity."

Drivers, teachers, doctors, police, waiters, accountants, engineers, gas workers... Workers and friends from all walks of life and different positions in Chengdu gather here and indulge in it. On the stage of Chengdu workers, they competed in 17 skills such as folk dance, Bel canto, sketches, cross talk and magic. With a wonderful program, a perfect interpretation, to express their yearning for a better life and struggle.

The program is brilliant: multi-talented workers combine their work to create a variety of original art forms to fully display the style of Chengdu workers

Auxiliary policemen playing Chuanwei Erzhuqin, college student village officials who love Sichuan Opera, bus drivers who are proficient in four kinds of musical instruments, prison guards who come to play with self-organized bands, 42-year-old migrant workers performing difficult acrobatics, nurses singing for cornea donors... They used wonderful and colorful performances to show the cultural and artistic charm of Chengdu workers and the masses, and won the applause of the audience.

The band formed by the police in Chenghua District is full of rock and roll style on the stage. They show the daily work of the grass-roots police with the performance of "the most flaming". The "Lin Hai Brothers" group of Sichuan Forestry Investigation and Planning Institute writes the work into lyrics, an original "Green Water and Green Mountains on the Road", melodious melody, and "Lin Hai" in ordinary days. The work of "Secret Exploration" talks to you all.

If we say, the tolerance and warmth of the Chengdu Workers'Art Star Racing Competition bears the artistic dream of Chengdu workers and Chengdu people. Then, the opening and internationalization of this competition attracted friends from all over the world who love art. A batch of foreign Rongdrifters also came on this stage, where they exhibited their strengths to make Chengdu more closely connected with the world. Saley, a foreign teacher, wrote Real, which shows his strong feelings towards Chengdu, saying, "This stage embraces and accepts everyone who has a dream, and this is also the place that Chengdu attracts me deeply."

In addition to more than 100 original staff programs, the contest also includes Sichuan Opera, Qingyin, Zhuqin, Qianban and other programs with Sichuan characteristics, which shine on the stage of intangible cultural heritage, so that you can appreciate the unique charm of non-heritage culture.

Boarding a Higher Stage: From Roadcasting Competition to Hunan Satellite TV, to CCTV, to show Chengdu workers'elegance to the whole country

In order to bring real professional guidance to Chengdu workers and masses, and let more contestants go on a higher and larger stage, during the Chengdu Workers'Art Star Racing Competition held in the autumn of Chengdu in Chengdu in 2008, the Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions also invited a number of expert judges to conduct free teaching and training for the contestants. Teaching and demonstration in person will help Chengdu workers to get on the national stage of CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV. Facts have proved that the Chengdu employees in the competition have great potential and constantly bring us new surprises. In the whole competition process, more than 10 Chengdu employees have been recommended to CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV to participate in the performance. With the artistic dream of 4 million workers in Chengdu, they fly high and dream long!

Zhang Tianjiao, who was deaf from childhood, made up her growth story into a dance, which touched countless audiences. With the recommendation of the Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions, Zhang Tianjiao stepped on the stage of CCTV Starlight Avenue. She stood on the national stage, showing the style of Chengdu workers with an optimistic and positive attitude and professional and beautiful dance. Several Chengdu workers also organized a group to go to the scene of Starlight Avenue on October 18 to cheer for this strong, beautiful girl who struggles for her dream!

Du De riding, a truck driver praised by the audience as "Pujiang Zhang Yusheng", is familiar with the song "The Sea", which overturns the impression of truck driver "holding the steering wheel by hand, arm by sleeve", excellent deduction, moving singing, and won unanimous praise from judges and audiences. On the recommendation of the Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions, Du Deqi participated in the recording of CCTV program "Starting from Happiness", introducing Chengdu to the national audience and sharing the happiness of Chengdu workers.

Culture is the soul of a city, the root of a city and the unique nourishment of a city. In the future, the stage of Chengdu Workers'Art Star Racing Competition in the fall of Chengdu will continue to be open to Chengdu workers with dreams. We will further tap the talents and originality of workers' literature and art around the goal of "making the Racing Competition a public cultural brand that promotes the spirit of model workers, workers and craftsmen, and develops Tianfu culture". Artistic works should accelerate the cultivation of new workers'cultural forms and participation modes, further explore ways and channels for trade unions to participate in deepening community development and governance, gather people's will and wisdom, accelerate the construction of industrial workers in the new period, and unite and mobilize the workers of the whole city to fully embody the new development concept in order to speed up the construction. City, strive to achieve the new era of Chengdu "three-step" strategic objectives to contribute!