Expert discussion and heated discussion were well received.

发布日期:2018-07-10     来源: Beijing Opera House

On the morning of July 5, 2018, an expert seminar on the premiere of the newly-edited modern Peking Opera "Chen Yi Huichuan" funded by the National Art Fund of Chengdu Peking Opera Research Institute was held in Jinjiang Theater. Chen Lizhi, inspector of the Chengdu Wenguang New Bureau, Song Chen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the National Peking Opera Theatre, Li Changchun, a well-known Qiu performing artist, and the owner of the Chinese Peking Editor Fengjie, deputy director of drama studio of Sichuan Cultural Department, Du Lin, Liao Quanjing, Sichuan Academy of Opera Association, Zhou Ruijing, deputy director of Sichuan Party History Research Office, Song Jian, deputy chairman and secretary-general of Sichuan Opera Association, Liu Ning, deputy chairman and secretary-general of Sichuan Opera Association, Du Jianhua, Sichuan Academy of Arts, Li Zhiquan, deputy director of Art Department of Chengdu Wenguang Leading experts attended the seminar. Liu Lu, President of Chengdu Peking Opera Research Institute, Song Jun, Secretary of the Party Branch, and other members of the Academy team, as well as the founder and main performers of Chen Yi Huichuan, attended the seminar.

At the seminar, the experts present kept talking about the newly edited modern Peking Opera "Chen Yi Huichuan". They said that it was difficult to create modern operas, more difficult to create historical revolutionary themes, and more difficult to create leaders-centered themes. This play of Chengdu Peking Opera Research Institute conforms to the historical authenticity and respects the historical authenticity. Such a complete modern Peking Opera is a rare play in Sichuan theatre circle. It is rare and valuable. Both inside and outside the play show the sincerity of the main creators and all the actors. It has realistic pertinence, so that the audience can remember the play through voice and body. The role, remember this play, let a person shocked. Experts agree that the play is a rare domestic drama in recent years. They asked the Chengdu Peking Opera Research Institute to make further efforts in the aspects of literariness, singing, costume, dancing and lighting of the repertoire, and to make the play a well-known and well-known modern Peking Opera.

Chen Lizhi, an inspector of Chengdu Wenguang New Bureau, gave instructions to the Chengdu Peking Opera Research Institute. He said that since the beginning of the creation of the play, the Party History Laboratory has intervened in the creation of the play, so that the creation has not taken a detour. After many modifications and discussions on the script, no matter in the structure of the play itself, the shaping of characters, the creation of music and so on. The performances of the actors were guided by the experts without reservation, which made the play very successful. In the creation, the creators were very strict, the plot was flesh, bone and affection. Thank the experts and teachers for their careful guidance, and thank the creators and all the performers for their hard work. He stressed that Chengdu Peking Opera Research Institute should further study the play and polish it according to the pertinent opinions given by experts and teachers, so that the play and even the next new play can be further promoted and improved.

President Liu Lu of Chengdu Peking Opera Academy, on behalf of the Academy team, thanked the leaders at all levels for their concern and support for the play for a long time. He thanked the experts and teachers for their kind help and guidance. He will strive to make the play better according to the experts'guidance and make it a landmark masterpiece of Chengdu Peking Opera Academy. Product.

It is reported that the newly edited modern Peking Opera "Chen Yi Huichuan" will launch a tour while further building and upgrading, and strive to conduct a nationwide tour in three to five years. It will perform in Beijing, Shanghai and other places where Marshal Chen Yi lived, worked and fought, striving to achieve 100 goals, and sprint to the Chinese Drama Festival and Beijing, China. National art festivals, such as the Drama Festival and the Chinese Art Festival, show the charm and level of Chengdu Peking Opera to the whole country.