The original opera Turandot

执行主体:Carol Felice Opera House, Genoa, Italy.

Turandot, as one of the most famous operas in the world, tells a legendary Chinese story imagined by Westerners. The famous aria "Nobody Sleeps Tonight" comes from the play. As the opening performance of the Sichuan Grand Theater, this will bring three acts of the same name, composed by Puccini in 1924, to the Carol Felice Opera House in Genoa, Italy. Giovanna Casola, the actor of the princess Turandot, is regarded as one of the most representative interpreters of Turandot in this century. She has a professional career. More than 500 performances of Turandot have been performed and many different versions have been called "the first outstanding interpreter of Princess Turandot after the war". This is the premiere of the original opera in Chengdu and even the whole southwestern region, which is expected.

时间: October 12-14, 2019

地址: Sichuan Grand Theatre