"Introducing World Quality Resources to Chengdu"

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Promoting the Development of Chengdu Music Industry by Policy and Atmosphere

Wang Jingjing, Chairman of the Working Committee for Promoting the Music Industry of China Voice and Number Association

At present, Chengdu is making every effort to promote the construction of "Music Capital". Wang Jingjing believes that Chengdu has unique advantages and the government's policy of supporting the music industry is the first; Sichuan Conservatory of Music is located in Chengdu; Chengdu also has the software and hardware conditions such as the national music industry base, East Suburb Memory; in recent years, the box office of Chengdu concerts has steadily occupied the whole country. The first three, the ability of music consumption is obvious to all, and there are a large number of music talents. "A song of Chengdu has been sung all over the country. Chengdu has music soil, advantages and mass base. The music atmosphere of Chengdu itself is good enough." He also said that the Music Promotion Association will fully support the development of Chengdu's music industry. "We hope to introduce high-quality resources and music to Chengdu and use good policies and atmosphere to jointly promote the development of Chengdu's music industry."

In Wang Jingjing's view, from the reform and opening up to the "Internet +" era, the development of China's music industry has gone through the budding period, the original music boom, the bottleneck of industrial development, and the reshaping period of the music industry chain in the digital age, and has entered a major historical opportunity. "With the implementation of the strategy of building a socialist cultural power in China, the important position of the music industry in the cultural industry has been widely recognized, and gradually penetrated into the development of the real economy. The new formats generated are in the areas of innovation added value and radiation driven, social and economic development and cultural consumption driven to achieve structural release. The driving effect has been noticeable.

As for the future, Wang Jingjing hopes that Chengdu can tap its own cultural connotations, especially in terms of national music. "The first thing we need to do is to make ourselves known to the whole world. To do better, not only in Chengdu and Sichuan, but also in the whole country and even in the world.

Creating "Music Capital" Should Excavate the Baby of Nationalities and Folks

Jin Tielin, a singer and vocal educator

As a famous singer and vocal educator in China, Jin Tielin, Tao and Li are all over the world. In the past decades of teaching, many excellent singers and vocal actors such as Song Zuying, Wang Yuanyuan, Yan Weiwen have been trained, among which Li Danyang from Sichuan is also his favorite student. In his opinion, Chengdu is a city with cultural connotations. Chengdu is endowed with unique advantages in the development of music culture. "To tap local things, Chengdu has rich minority resources and Sichuan Opera. I hope our musicians can continue to innovate on these bases. For this category of art, there must be innovation. Jin Tielin told reporters that we should tap into the treasures of ethnic and folk, so that the music elements are more abundant and diversified. "Sichuan Opera is very familiar to everyone. If it can be integrated with symphony or other kinds of music and innovated, it will surely make more people accept and like it."

Jin Tielin also stressed that if we want to build a "music capital", we must "come in and go out". "The world's best plays, we should invite to Chengdu. But not only please come in, but also our own music works in Chengdu will go out and perform in the whole country and even in the whole world to show the unique music charm of this city, which is complementary and indispensable. For example, Jin Tielin also served as the judge of the "Autumn of Rongcheng", "Jin Furong" Music Competition. He heard many good voices and needed to push out talents through such a professional and high-level platform as "Jin Furong".

In addition to software, Jin Tielin said that the hardware of music construction should keep up with it. "This City Concert Hall in Chengdu, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, I think it's very thoughtful. I've been to too many concert halls. The City Concert Hall is absolutely first-class in the world. Is there such a good concert hall that can perform symphonies, operas, and national music, and is it sad that no outstanding talent has emerged? However, it will take time and step by step. I believe that Chengdu will become the "music capital".

"Music Capital" Music Needs "Meteorological Thousands"

Yu Junjian, Dean of ASEAN Academy of Art

As the dean of ASEAN Art College of Chengdu University, Yu Junjian, a famous singer, confesses that Chengdu has built up a "music capital", which is an excellent resource gathered by the people in the right place and in the right time. "First of all, Chengdu has a large population, a lot of people. This is the basis of population. Moreover, Chengdu has the geographical advantage as the first city in the western region, and the policy aspect is the promotion of the western development in addition to the" one belt and one road "and the" Silk Road ". This is the so-called opportunity. Every day, every place and every person is here. All the members of our committee can do is to gather their wisdom and learn from others, and finally look forward to a better result.

Yu Junjian has his own attitude on how to better build the "Music Capital": "We have to develop music in a balanced way. We know that pop music accounts for a large proportion in the music market now, but what we want to build is the "Music Capital". This Title cannot be supported by pop music alone. Many pop singers come out of Sichuan area, Zhang Liangying, Zhang Jie and Tan Weiwei. As we all know, there are Li Yun on the piano. Di, can we have some representative characters in other instruments? Balanced development, I think we have to think about it.

In addition to explaining his views on music talents, Yu Junjian also emphasized that infrastructure matching talent and creation should be built. "We have symphonies, orchestras, theatres and rich folk performing styles in Sichuan, but we have to think about how we can fully demonstrate these characteristics by combining the current music trend." Finally, Yu Junjian wrote, "Chengdu has made great efforts, and what I want in the end is that like the government, I hope that there will be music to be able to `meteorological thousands'."

Retain talent, retain the vitality of music

Yu Feng, President of the Central Conservatory of Music

Central Conservatory of Music is the only national key university and "211 Project" Construction College in the national art academy. As the dean, Yu Feng, a well-known commander at home and abroad, started from the perspective of music talent resources and shared his understanding and views on the construction of "Music Capital".

In Yu Feng's eyes, Chengdu is a thousand-year-old capital with rich historical details, rich folk art and diverse music styles. It is inclusive and pluralistic. Under such conditions, the development of music itself has a good foundation and urban conditions. "This is also the role of advisory committees: members of the committees come up with ideas to plan and lay out the music capital as a whole, because we have to recognize that experts have resources, professional vision and vision, and a certain degree of influence. On the other hand, resource sharing can bring more experience. Experiencing and enriching training methods can promote the creation of works and the development of industry.

In an interview with reporters, Yu Feng also stressed the importance of talent: "Sichuan Music Institute, I teach in the Central Conservatory of Music, I think music talent is very important, so we should think about how to achieve the circulation and complementarity of such talent resources. The Central Conservatory of Music, as the top Conservatory of the country, communicates with the local music institutes in Sichuan through the project of "Music Capital". This is a complementary resource, retaining talents and retaining the vitality of music.

At the same time, Yu Feng also suggested that as a musician, we should pay attention to the development trend of world music. "The arrival of the age of intelligence has provided us with a new and huge stage and a brand-new musical instrument." How to synchronize with world science and technology and human life and realize the modernization of music? I think Chinese musicians can't stay out of the way. They should be "implanted" first, and create new music with both intelligent technology and humanistic spirit to meet the new needs of human spiritual life in the new era.

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