Creating new works of honest culture to help honest Chengcheng to step up

发布日期:2018-07-02     来源: Chengdu Wenguang New Publicity Office

On June 27, the first stop of the mass literary and art tour, which was jointly organized by the Chengdu Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Wenguang New Bureau and integrates ideological, artistic and ornamental characteristics, was "never forgetting the first heart, setting sail in the clean and honest Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Chengdu-Che That's ok. Wang Chuanhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Discipline Commission and director of the Municipal Supervision Committee, affirmed the performance.

2018 is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up and the 40th anniversary of the restoration and reconstruction of discipline inspection and supervision organs. Around this important anniversary and the requirement of "Clean Chengcheng Creation Leading Action" organized by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Supervision, the Municipal New Bureau of Culture and Guangzhou has devoted all its efforts to the preparations for the first performance, in order to create a high level of integration of art, education and Horizontal special literary and artistic programs, so that clean and honest breeze imperceptibly, moistening things silently lead the social fashion, the Municipal New Bureau of Culture and Guangzhou organized the Municipal Art Theatre and Municipal Cultural Museum comrades to watch the program on the spot many times to give guidance, Chengdu Art Theatre spared no effort to strictly control the selection of programs, actors layer by layer, and repeat the quality of the program. After careful polishing, the audience eventually presented a splendid performance of literature and art in various forms, such as singing and dancing, sketches, situational poems recitation, which vividly showed that Party members and cadres in our city, especially discipline inspection and supervision cadres, never forget their original minds, remember their mission, reorganize their clothes and start afresh, and intuitively reflected the high-spirited attitude of the masses and cadres towards corruption. The irony and whipping of the phenomena of failure and bad atmosphere, as well as the support and participation in the construction of "clean and honest Chengcheng".

With the beautiful melody, the three promotional theme songs "Chengdu Love Song", "Happy Home", "Qingfeng Mingyuan Man Tianfu" sang one by one in the performance hall, singing out the beautiful expectations and heartfelt wishes of everyone, every family and every social unit in the city. The sketch "Birthday Gift" shows a village branch secretary's anti-corruption, anti-bribery and non-contamination; the song "Ode to a Clean and Clean Official with a Right Wind" makes the time go back thousands of years and listens to the clean and honest deeds and innocent thoughts of Zhao Zhi, an iron-faced imperial official; the Sichuan opera "Farewell Wife in Jiangling" deduces the firm spirit, moral glory and harmony of the ancient sage Yang Sheng'an. Lofty sentiments; Situational poems recite "Faith and Loyalty" to let the audience feel the warm blood and loyalty of Communist Che Yaoxian. The whole performance presents four characteristics. First, the theme of "Creating a clean and honest Chengdu to lead the action" is prominent. It promotes the clean and upright atmosphere, conveys the value concept of upholding integrity, and sets up a new image of the era of discipline inspection and supervision, which is cordial, trustworthy and respectable. Since the 19th National Congress of the CPC, Chengdu's performance is the first city and the first city to perform the theme of building a clean and honest party in the whole country. The show. Second, all the performances are new and honest government programs since the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Especially the three carefully created promotional theme songs "Clean Chengcheng Establishment Leading Action" appeared for the first time in this performance. The next step will be to actively promote the performance in the whole city through various ways, so that the fresh breeze and songs will accompany, and jointly sing a new era. The magnificent movement of Chengdu's development. Thirdly, we should always take the people as the center and the grass-roots public cultural services as the carrier. Most of the programs are excellent works of mass literature and art selected from the newspaper programs of districts (cities) and counties, focusing on popular topics of concern to the masses. Most of the actors are ordinary people from the grass-roots level, and their interpretation takes place in themselves. Border's honest story, Chengdu's level of mass culture professionalization is impressive, and strengthens the pertinence and effectiveness of anti-corruption education. Fourthly, excavating and displaying Chengdu's historic honest culture and giving it contemporary expression has solved the problem that honest culture goes deep into the soil, especially enriching the new content of rural culture.

Next, under the leadership of the Municipal Discipline Commission, the Chengdu Wenguang New Bureau will continue to do a good job in the mass literary and artistic tour in all districts (cities) and counties of the city, play the unique role of culture in the silence of cultural people and moistening things, let more cadres and masses feel the culture of honesty, pay attention to and support the construction of clean Rongcheng City, in order to promote the construction of Party style and clean government and counter-corruption in our city. Corruption contributes.