Sichuan Opera "Dust Settled" Opens a National Tour

发布日期:2018-06-08     来源: west china city daily

On the evening of June 7, Dust Settled performed in Tianjin. Map for Chengdu Sichuan Opera Academy

Sichuan Daily News (Reporter Yu Rubo) "The ancient Kangba Plateau, Tusi and slaves were handed down from generation to generation. The stockade wall cuts off people's sight. Only one fool sees tomorrow. On the evening of June 7, accompanied by high-pitched singing, Sichuan Opera "Dust Settled" created by Chengdu Sichuan Opera Research Institute landed at Tianjin Chinese Grand Theatre, formally opening the prelude of the national tour. It is reported that "Dust Settled" will perform two performances in Tianjin, and then go to Changsha, Hohhot and other places to tour.

The Sichuan Opera Dust Settled is adapted from the novel of the same name, which was awarded Mao Dun Literature Award by Alai, chairman of Sichuan Writing Association. Xu Zheng, a famous playwright, acts as a playwright and art director, and the late director, Xie Ping, directs it. In the play, a prominent Tibetan chieftain of Kangba in Sichuan Tibetan region has a "fool son". Although he is incompatible with real life, he has a premonition and behavior beyond the times. From the unique perspective of "fool's son", the play shows the historical inevitability of the death of the chieftain system, and tells the historical process of the liberation of Tibetan people after the Communists entered Sichuan Tibetan area. The story is wonderful, ups and downs, fascinating, showing a strong national flavor.

Where is the new edition of Dust Settled? It is reported that the script, dance beauty, music and other aspects are not only more elaborate, but also made more changes in line with the original plot. Xu Zheng's in-depth revision of the script makes the image of the protagonist "fool" more prominent and distinct, and the plot more perfect. "The change of the character of the fool and the relationship between the fool and other people, especially Zhuoma, are the focus of this play. I made a slight change in the dialogue to make the characters more vivid. In terms of music, the new edition enhances the effect and appeal of Sichuan Opera and Tibetan music, and shows the artistic style and national regional customs of Sichuan Opera. The main creative team also strives to improve the details of clothing, such as "poppy" a game, will be the heroine Zhuoma's clothing color "plain" to avoid being "drowned" by the bright background.

"Dust Settlement" premiered on March 27, 2014. As of March this year, it has performed 147 performances both inside and outside the province, with more than 100,000 audiences. It was financed by the National Art Fund for three times in 2015, 2017 and 2018, participated in the performance of the 14th China Drama Festival, participated in the "Southern Opera Performance Season" in Beijing as an opening performance, participated in the performance of the 11th China Art Festival as a Mandarin Chinese Award-winning drama, and was well received by opera experts and audiences. Commentary.